My name is Bob.  

What is God's Worldwide Fellowship?   Well, it is both the name of my
book and a website.  The book was written during  "Spiritual
Journaling", and therefore comprises some  12 months of prayers.  
These prayers addressed the concerns of the day, from October 2007 to
the present day.  They also addressed concerns throughout my life from
a 5  year old through to my present age of 70.  I truly found God through
Love at the age of 65.  The child within me was reborn and this explains
why the author is named as James A Child.   James is my middle name
and I wrote the book through the eyes of a child.   I hope the reason for
the book is therefore beginning  to make sense.  I believe it is written
in the Spirit and highlights the difference between living in the Spirit
and living by one's own human nature.    I have included a "taster" in
the form of the book's foreword and its conclusion.  Click on the
relevant buttons above.

I would like to invite contributions - comments, papers, articles, books
in support of Unity between all faiths.   Please visit my Contact Me page
for  this.   For the links to this  and the  Foreword to Book,  Conclusion
and Prayer for Unity, follow the Navigation Links above.

For details of my book, please click on "book preview" on the Blurb
Badge.  And happy reading!

What is God's Worldwide Fellowship?