Conclusion to Book

Live by the Spirit and we will inherit God's Kingdom, here on earth,
now, in this life and our eternal life.    But, as stated previously, if the
secular world carries on as it is presently allowed to do, all they will
continue to create is Hell on earth.   As for Christians, we too have the
same spiritual roots, so we should also sue for peace; they simply
believe in the same God as us, but believe Jesus was a Prophet and not
the Son of God. Surely, we can forgive them for that, after all, Jesus
asked God to forgive his executioners.   The God we are talking about
here is your God, the God of all humanity.


(further reflections can be seen on the page "Philosophy of Love" - go to
Philosophy of Love)

Throughout my book I have referred to the book written by my late wife, "Spirit of Dreams".   I
have now arranged for it to be re-published, and  If I have whet your appetite, click on "book  
preview" on the Blurb badge  for details of the book and how to order it.
By Catharine Orchard