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Although 'A Philosophy Of Love' is in effect Part III of God's Worldwide Fellowship, it is also a Paper/Article
in support of Unity within and between Faiths, from this Christian's perspective .Papers/Articles, from all
other major Religions, are invited in support of Unity between Faiths. They will be published and be
available on the site  Obviously such articles will be ascribed to the particular Faith that is calling for unity:
eg. From this Muslim's /Jew’s/Hindu’s/etc. perspective .

Ecumenism :-The dictionary gives two generally accepted definitions for this word: 1) A movement or
doctrine promoting unity among the Christian churches, also called Ecumenicalism and 2) A movement or
doctrine promoting worldwide unity among religions through greater cooperation and improved
understanding.  (Ref. Universal Dictionary.)


In God's Worldwide Fellowship I described God as Love.  It is how I truly found him at 65 years of age. I list
numerous examples of how love is always at the heart of any truly Spiritual contact with God. This is why I
believe/know from personal experience, that God is the one God for all Humanity!   Love therefore is the
way we express our Spirituality as human beings---- It is 'A Philosophy of Love'.

Love explains everything - in the Philosopher’s language 'Love is the answer to Everything'.   If you
operate in love, you are living in the Spirit. To 'love your neighbour as yourself'’ by definition, you must love
yourself.  How can we love ourselves?  By loving one another as brothers and sisters, we know we are
loved, and on the same Spiritual wavelength and  we therefore love ourselves.This explains perfectly for
me why Jesus left us with the two most important commandments, namely: First love the Lord your God with
all your heart, mind and soul and. second, love your neighbour as yourself.

In God's Worldwide Fellowship, I declared that answering the question 'Who is my Neighbour'?  in the
'Global Village' of the 21st Century, was the most important question facing Mankind. From the above it
seems blindingly obvious - all Mankind.   Again I quoted William Blake's Poem, 'The Divine Image'

    Then every man, of every clime
    That prays in his distress
    Prays to the human form divine
    Love , Mercy, Pity, Peace
    And all must love the human form
    In heathen, Turk or Jew
    Where mercy, love and pity dwell
    There God is dwelling too.

I love this poem, because it seems to me to be saying, God is Love and the God for all humanity, and of
course he says it so eloquently.

I had to be as a child to truly find God without prejudice and through love. Do you know any adult who is
without prejudice?  I certainly know very few. Surprise, surprise  - the ones I do know,  all love their
neighbour, regardless of religion!   Just in fact like William Blake.  I never cease to be amazed at the
profound lessons we can learn from history.  It is why the Bible is my most treasured book. I am equally
amazed by the way our educational establishment chooses to ignore this wonderful history book. A
recurring theme, if you have read God's Worldwide Fellowship. This is why the subject is ever present in
my prayers.

All who live by Spirit (Love) are therefore doing God's work and  are loved by God.   If you try loving your
neighbour as yourself, you will at first struggle to love all mankind, but that is what God endeavours to do
through you!  God IS Love!  For Christians Jesus stated that he was sent by his Father only to save the
lost sheep of Israel, (see Mathew Chapter 15 Vs24.) However he also healed Gentiles (non Jews) because
God loves all Mankind.  Jesus therefore inevitably did God's work and healed Gentiles by the power of the
Holy Spirit. He put all his Miracles and Healing down to this power acting through him.

We are deluding ourselves if we think we can use force to control human beings. You could not be loving
your neighbour and killing him at the same time, could you? The reason that wars therefore take place,
indeed any conflict, is because man lives  by his human nature in secular societies and not by The Spirit.    
Love.(God) is not at the very centre of his/your life. This explains why Muslim young men & women in the
UK feel so aggrieved;  they love their Brothers, the Taliban who are also Muslims. I personally still don't
know why we, the UK forces are in Afghanistan, do you? I have heard fellow Christians demonise the
Taliban by saying ‘look how they treat their women folk’ .That is no justification, apparently we went in at
the behest of the Afghanistan Government, to control the Taliban by force. We certainly do not invade
other Islamic countries, who also treat their womenfolk in a similar manner.   All wars are acted out by
mankind living in their human nature and not in the Spirit.  The United States led  the way into Afghanistan
chasing down Osama Bin Laden after 9/11, which Tony Blair stated changed everything.   He and George
Bush then declared war on terrorists, in particular Al Quaeda, if I recall.  Very little is heard of Bin Laden
now, he's in Pakistan isn't he?  Another hotbed of conflict and incidentally, predominantly Muslim. The
American presence in Afghanistan is proving to be a great recruiting ground for Pakistani young Muslim
men. It also seems that there is no shortage of British recruits to fight the Taliban.

What a mess a recipe for continued conflict-- Oh yes! each faction will probably  declare God is on their
side, It is  how the secular world operates and justifies the wars it creates. They will even blame God for the
conflict, that's easy when they simply use him and certainly do not Love him or their NEIGHBOUR!

I/You/We - any sentence can commence with these words. Which leads me nicely into how truly Spiritual
pronouncements can be made. If one prefixes statements with 'I', the recipient immediately feels or thinks, ‘I
haven’t had or enjoyed this experience’, so what is then said is invalid. It can be passed off as, 'You were
dreaming' or worse ‘you were fantasizing’. It largely depends on how kindly they are disposed to you the
deliverer of such information. It is not so much what you say as, how you say it! If you pre-fix the statement
with ,'You' the receiver take it personally, and again, if they have not personally received such insight ,
then once more you are on a hiding to nothing. The pre-fix 'We' however is inclusive and suggests, you
may not have received such Spiritual insight, but trust me, I have. Again to the spiritually bereft this is an
exclusive position. This is what St. Paul is getting at when he declares :- ‘Those of you who have the Spirit
and preach  in the Spirit will be understood by those who have the Spirit. Anyone else will think you are
talking rubbish’ .In other words explain yourselves in the language of those who are without the Spirit. As St
Paul states :-‘ Live by  your human nature and you will suffer the death of all human beings; Live by the
Spirit and you will enjoy eternal life’. That is putting it in plain language. For people who then want to know
how to live by the Sprit ( and who wouldn't) you can go on to explain that they must love their neighbour as
themselves, and then love the Lord their God with all their heart, mind and soul. A very simple prescription
for eternal life, but very difficult to carry out. The first thing to be done is evidently to love yourself. The
only way to do this, is to become as a child. This achieved, one has to identify who is one’s Neighbour,
which in the humble opinion of the writer includes all humanity. Not easy this one, but if you are as a child
without all the prejudice, that goes with growing up, then yes in my humble opinion, it is possible--trust me!
You can now love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul. You will now be living in the Spirit
as the case may be.   You can spend a lifetime in this pursuit, believe me, I know!

Get the picture? Love is at the centre of all requirements. Refer to God's Worldwide Fellowship to parts 1&
2, ‘What is the Secret of Life? Answer Love’  Love God / believe in Me and enjoy eternal life, here and now
in this life.

'A philosophy of Love':  By living in the Spirit. 'We' can be living proof of the Resurrection, here and now in
this life. Just as Jesus said to Martha, when he raised Lazarus from the dead. Alternatively check Luke out,
Chapter 17 Verse 20/21, The kingdom of God is within you, I rest his case!

'You', might think of Jesus as simply another prophet and not the son of God, I would submit, he was at the
very least a very special prophet, we are however talking here of the one and only God. Your God and my
God, who for me was also the SON of God. Jesus stated that 'If you see and hear me then you see and
hear my Father'. He could not have said it any plainer. ‘I am in the Father and the Father is in me’. This
means Spiritually ,ie The Spirit-- Love!  This is how fathers and sons are isn't it?
This article is intended to encourage all Humanity to rid themselves of human-led prejudice and live by the
Spirit. In my own case I was so led by my human nature as an adult, I had to become as a child, by
declaring my love for God as a child loves his father and mother. The child in me was then reborn of the
Spirit within me, by the power of the Holy Spirit.
I became a child of God. Just like when Jesus told the Pharisee:- ‘The Kingdom of God is within you’, he
was saying God has always been there but you will only find him by being as a child. I had to resort to two
quotations in prayer from Luke to confirm the above route to be reborn in the Spirit as a child of God.
Namely :- Luke 17 Vs.21 and 18 Vs.17. You really do have to have studied the scriptures to elicit this
information. For instance I have  only come across Jesus's quote in Luke 17 Vs.21.There are very
important statements from Jesus when he is being tested by the Pharisees & Sadducees. For me, none so
important as the two from Luke above. Only someone who was intimately associated with the life of Jesus
could impart such wonderful knowledge. I suspect this to be the case in other Religions, ie wonderful
knowledge defining how you truly found God. That is precisely what the Web site & book God's Worldwide
Fellowship is all about, promoting and creating greater understanding between the major Religions----
Ecumenism--- (see second definition in the preamble).

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